Integral communications solution for office and mobility

Communications for today's businesses

Everything your company needs to compete in a global, dynamic and digital environment. A full range of advanced business communications services, local and international telephone numbers, and the accessibility of a cloud telephony platform. The most complete business telephony solution, so you can communicate more, and better.

Global phone numbering for companies

All types of phone numbering in more than 70 countries, with advanced smart phone features.

Office and mobility communications services

Everything you ask for a complete and effective corporate communications system, with the flexibility of cloud services.

The solution to face the challenges of today’s companies











Globalización - Telefonía para empresas - masvoz

Your market is the world

Your company needs communications solutions that bring you closer to your international customers and suppliers.

  • Numbers in more than 70 countries
  • Free calls between international headquarters
  • International phone meetings


The mobility of your employees

Mobile devices have transformed the way we work. We help you carry the office in the palm of your hand.

  • Bizphone mobile extensions/li>
  • Webphone extensions on your tablet
  • Access your faxes from anywhere


Multiple personal and business devices

A communications solution that fits your reality. Talk while working with your most convenient device.

  • Manage your PBX from any device
  • Bizphone mobile extensions
  • Webphone extensions on your tablet
  • Office IP terminals


Variety of systems and volume of information

Your company uses dozens of different systems from different manufacturers. We help you take advantage of your telephone information by easily integrating your Virtual PBX with other applications -CRM, ERP- thanks to a complete set of APIs.


Compete through flexibility

Successful companies are not the largest, but the lightest, and best suited to change. Communications as a service adapt to your growth.

  • Unlimited headquarters and extensions
  • Add or remove extensions in real time
  • Pay only for what you use
  • No need to buy equipment
  • Without permanence or penalties