Phone support one click away for the users of your web

Perfect connection with your web users

Serving the users of your website has never been easier. Click, and talk. The Click&Talk service allows users of your website to speak to your customer service center in one click, using their own web browser, without the need for headphones or additional devices. With the simplicity and efficiency of Intelligent Telephony from masvoz.


No investments

Available 24×7

Easy to use

High volumes

click&talk - convenient - masvoz

Maximum accessibility for users around the world

Improve the experience of users browsing your website while talking to the application from your browser in any country, without installing any plug-in or application, or buying headphones or other devices.

click&talk - alternate toll-free lines - masvoz

A complementary channel to your free-toll lines for your web users

It offers a new channel of simple and free communication, complementary to toll-free numbers, open 24/7. you can continue offering zero cost calls for your users, but saving to 80% of the costs of these calls. Add call-tracking of these calls in the analytics of your website.

click&talk - easy - masvoz

Easy to set up and quick to activate

With the simplicity of the services of Intelligent Telephony. Just add the Click&Talk service in your own web by inserting the code, decide how and where you want to answer incoming calls, and configure the various features of the service.

click&talk - control - masvoz

Always under your control

Improve the intelligence of your business. Configure and manage all the information of the service accessing your control panel when you need it, wherever you are and with any device connected to the internet. Restrict calls by country and extract statistics and expense of service at all times.

click&talk - webrtc - masvoz

WebRTC, present and future of communications

WebRTC (web real-time communications) standard converts web browsers into real-time streaming audio and video applications. Although supported by browsers used by 80% of Internet users according to Globalstats, Click&Talk offers alternatives by default for incompatible browsers, ensuring 100% of connections.


Answer calls with a professional solution

Combine your Click&Talk service with a professional telephone assistance tool. The Cloud Contact Center solution offers the effectiveness of a complete contact center platform, with the versatility of cloud services. The best choice for call centers looking for results without sacrificing efficiency.