Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the main questions. For more information, contact our team of commercial advisors.

What is the Cloud Contact Center by masvoz?
The Cloud Contact Center by masvoz is a complete telephone customer service platform that combines the advantages of the cloud with the power and features of advanced communications:

  • Easily manage large flows of incoming and outgoing contacts with flexibility and efficiency.
  • Maximize the results of your campaigns thanks to its high performance and advanced configuration, call management, monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Optimize your resources, save unnecessary investments in equipment or long deployments and minimize your telephony costs thanks to cloud technology and ip telephony.
  • Simplify the management and use of your contact center through the control panel, an easy-to-use and accessible tool 24/7 from any device connected to the internet.
  • What are the advantages of a contact center in the cloud?
    The advantages offered by a contact center to the cloud are summarized in the following aspects:

  • Flexibility : You can increase or decrease capabilities with complete freedom and immediacy, without limiting agents or users.
  • Savings : You do not need to make investments in equipment or software licenses (pay-per-use model, no activation fees, penalties or stays) and you can save up to 80% / li>
  • Speed : Your contact center will be up and running within hours, with no need for long deployment projects.
  • Usability : Features and modules are managed online from an intuitive multi-device control panel.
  • Availability : Cloud services are available, and the voice cloud telephony platform is always up to date, protected and redundant.
  • What does it mean that I only pay for what I use?
    Pay-per-use is the method by which clients pay only for the ressources, functionalities and features that they have used from the cloud service. clients do not buy or ‘own’ an on premise software licence. Instead, they contract, access and pay for the use of a software-as-a-service.
    Can I test the Cloud Contact Center without cost?
    Users will have a “demo” service to test all the features offered by the Cloud Contact Center service at no cost.
    What features are included in my contact center?
    The Cloud Contact Center offers a wide range of possibilities, including specific functionality at the request of our customers. Among the most relevant functionalities we find:

  • Intelligent call reception features.
  • Call management module for agents.
  • Real-time call monitoring module for supervisors.
  • Application for massive sending of SMS and outgoing calls.
  • Complete statistics and reporting.
  • What is the agent module?
    The Agent module is a feature of the Masvoz Cloud Contact Center, through which you can manage calls from any device with an Internet connection. Among other functionalities, the agent module allows you to select the call identifier, change agent status, call information, typing, automatic call rescheduling and call history.
    Can I automatically distribute my calls via ACD?
    The platform offers Masvoz customers the custom layout of call distribution.
    Which reporting and statistics features does it provide?
    The Cloud Contact Center solution offers multiple reporting and statistics options, thanks to the Statistics and Details modules. Thanks to these modules and through advanced filters, specific and detailed information can be extracted.
    Can I get real-time information from the agents?
    The platform offers the possibility of obtaining information in real time from the Agents, through which you can know the effort made by them.
    Can I integrate my contact center to my CRM or ERP?
    The solution offered by Masvoz is flexible and adaptive to allow integration with other management platforms. This provides easy integration with other systems.
    If I have a different PBX, can order the Cloud Contact Center anyway?
    The Masvoz Contact Center offers the possibility to integrate different switchboards with the existing platform. In this way, we offer our customers a hybrid solution to avoid additional costs.