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Organize a multi-conference right now, without having to register. That’s the cloud – fast and practical. Reserve your code, select a phone number and invite whoever you want to take part, no matter how distant their location.

Unlimited participants

Immediate activation

No pre-booking

No investments

24/7 online access


Start your conference here and now

Set up your online multi-conference from here and just pay the cost of the call. You don’t need a reservation or equipment. In just one click.


The business multi-conference service

Choose the multi-conference number for your company and personalize your welcome messages. Share it with your organization and link it to your intranet.


As easy as it looks

All you need to think about is informing the participants and managing the call via the control panel. Activate or mute your microphone, moderate access to the conference and control the access codes.


Find out just how far a text message can go.

Whats is Multiconference
Multiconferencing is a service that allows you to organize a conference call to a group of geographically distant people, being able to communicate with each other simultaneously. In this way, the multiconference service allows virtual meetings to be held between remote users and, therefore, in which the physical presence of the participants in the same space or geographical location is not necessary.The network in which this service is supported is the basic telephone network, using the telephone as a terminal and the information that is transmitted is the voice of the users.
How to access a Multiconference?
To access a conference call, the company or user requesting the service receives a personal security PIN to access their virtual conference room. This PIN is the same for all conference participants.

Once the conference code (PIN) has been received, the company or the calling user must only communicate to the participants of the conference call this security PIN and the telephone number to call. This phone number is known as the “access phone”. This access telephone and the PIN are also called “Access data for the conference call”.

No conference reservation, registration or registration is required to initiate the conference connection. The virtual conference room is a service accessible 24/7 from any device that allows you to invite as many participants as you want regardless of the country.
How works?
At the agreed time, all participants must dial the phone number (the “access phone” to the multiconference). An automatic or personalized welcome message will ask you to enter the security PIN. Entering the PIN is done simply using the telephone keypad.

Participants can connect to the conference call through a landline or mobile phone. As soon as at least two participants have connected, the conference call has started. If a participant connects before, they will listen to music on hold until the second accesses the multiconference.

The multiconference ends when all participants have hung up.
Advantages of the multiconference service
Hiring a conference call service for companies has the following advantages:
  • Savings: no initial investment is required, only the cost of the call is paid. All the telephone devices of any operator can participate.
  • Flexibility: compatible with any landline, mobile, VoIP and international number, regardless of the location of the conference participants.
  • Advanced management: you can listen to and modify the access codes and the number of participants, lock or unlock access to the conference, and activate or deactivate the organizer microphone.
  • Customization of the service: reservation of a unique corporate number and customization of welcome announcements or other messages.
  • Easy to use: a phone number and a conference code is all you need.
  • High capacity: unlimited number of participants regardless of the country of connection.
  • Speed: the start-up of the service is immediate, does not require prior reservation.
  • Availability: service available 24/7 from any device.
Is the multiconference service safe?
The technical infrastructure of all multiconferencing services is regularly checked and evaluated, both by internal and external inspectors. The security and availability of the multi-conference platform are audited and certified to the same security standard that banks and insurance companies also work with.

In addition, the multiconferencing service includes the protection of access to customer data, as well as the defense of telecommunication secrecy.

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