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What do we understand by smart phone numbers?
These are phone numbers that offer a wide amount of advanced features and value-added services, such as the ability to record calls, replace a real-time voice-over, activate a voice message at any time, etc.
What types of phone numbers can I order?
You can order the following number types:

Local numbering (local, regional, international, etc …).
900 or toll-free numbers.
901 or shared-cost numbers.
902 or national rate numbers.
905 premium numbering with additional charge per call.
80X premium numbering with additional charging per minute.

Can I get numbers from different countries?
Of course, we have numbering in more than 70 countries.
What types of international numbering can I order?
The type of numbering available in each country depends on the regulation of each of the states. Not all types of numbering are present in all countries, but in most of them.
What features are included in my phone numbers?
All our numbering services include a full range of advanced intelligent telephony features that allow you to automate processes, optimize resources, minimize costs and maximize user experience.
How do I contract my number to masvoz?
You can request your economic proposal by contacting us through this website.
How long does it take to manage the portability of my numbers? And what does it cost?
In most cases, between 3 and 5 working days. In certain cases of international numbering can be up to 15 working days. The portability service is free of charge.
Do I have to cancel the number with my current provider, once I request the portability to masvoz?
No, the portability process itself implicitly implies the down payment with the numbering operator. However, it should be taken into account that this operator will perform the cancelation of all services linked to the numbering, including Internet access services, TV, etc …
Why do I save money with the masvoz numbering service?
Because we manage the numbering at the network level, which saves the costs inherent in the rental of traditional providers’ voice lines.
Do I need to have technical knowledge to activate the service?
Customers do not need to have prior technical knowledge. We take care of all the installation, configuration, commissioning of the service and training of the client.
In case I want to finish the contract, how do I cancel my service?
If you want to cancel the service, you must only communicate it by any of the channels described in our contract for this purpose.
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