Advanced telephony features in all your lines

Phone lines with added value

Our phone numbers are smart because they bring all the possibilities of digital communication to your company. Benefit from dozens of advanced telephony features included at no cost to all your numbers.


Automatically distribute incoming calls according to different criteria: calendars (workdays, holidays), lists (black, white and VIP), origin (mobile, geographical…), agent status or load balance.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Start the calls with an effective start-up phrase that guides the user through the buttons (DTMF) or your voice (ASR).


Voiceover management

Organize calls with voiceovers. Record them or create them in different languages ​​from a text (TTS) and insert them in any point of the call.


Calls load management

Redirect calls to answer them with calm. Send them to different destinations or care centers, according to the incoming volume.


Call recording

Record and store your calls for security or as a source of information and consultation.


Real-time monitoring

Extract valuable information from your incoming calls at any time through the control panel.


All the possibilities of our numbering service.