Expand the limits of your PBX

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You do not need to change equipment to benefit from the advantages of smart communications. Connect your PBX to the masvoz platform with SIP Trunk, and enter into the new telephony.

Take your PBX to another level

Take advantage of all the advanced functionality of our smart telephony platform, such as recording Call management, welcome message management, or virtual assistant.


Several offices, one PBX

Combine headquarters with own switchboard with headquarters with virtual switchboard, and replicate your Numbering plan to call between extensions of different venues at no cost.


The saving of the new telephony

Eliminates the analog or ISDN accesses of your current operator and begins to Save with IP telephony, in which calls will be made by a data access.


More for you

Global phone numbers

Smart numbers from more than 70 countries.


Virtual PBX

An advanced PBX, with the versatility of the cloud.


Cloud Contact Center

Professional telephone support with the flexibility of the cloud.