Savings, flexibility and simplicity in your communications

The freedom of the cloud, in your telephony

With Smart Telephony, we take advantage of all the possibilities of cloud telephony for companies, and we turn them into benefits for our clients. Because the most advanced telephony solutions do not have to be complicated or prohibitive. Thanks to the cloud, we turn your telephony into a source of savings, flexibility and simplicity.
Advantages of cloud telephony for companies - saving - masvoz


Business cloud telephony means you do not need to buy, maintain or repair equipment or licenses. Forget about the headaches of investing, installing and amortizing equipment. The cloud telephony makes expensive investments in pay-per-use services, with savings of up to 80% thanks to the digitalization of communications.

Advantages of the cloud telephony for companies - rapidity - masvoz


The cloud telephony services are activated and configured in a few hours, without losing time in long projects or heavy installations. When you want to increase or decrease capabilities and users you can do it yourself, practically immediately, so you will optimize your time and make better use of your tools.

Advantages of the cloud telephony for companies - flexibility - masvoz


Cloud solutions offer the freedom and immediacy to add or reduce capacities at any time. You can activate and deactivate dozens of new extensions or agents for projects or campaigns limited in time. The perfect scalability for times of high dynamism.

Advantages of cloud telephony for companies - simplicity - masvoz


Our applications for cloud telephony for companies are as complete as they are simple and intuitive. All products can be managed through a simple online control panel, a web interface accessible from any device connected to the internet. The ‘cloud’ brings simplicity to professional telephony.

Advantages of the cloud telephony for companies - availability - masvoz


The applications of ‘Communications as a Service’, like the ‘Software as a Service’, are always available in the cloud, and updated to the latest version. You no longer have to worry about updating your system, nor about ensuring its capacity. The cloud is always there to offer maximum availability and calm.